About Us

Vineyard and Winery near Vancouver, Camas, Longview, Washougal etc.

One third of our lives are spent sleeping. And then there’s the dream element. Dreams can contain messages from another realm, or another time. The story of 14 Acres Vineyard & Winery is a somewhat mystical origin, borne of a dreams that led its owners, David and Charlotte Regan, to the rolling hills of Ridgefield, Washington. In 2015, God gave David a dream, one that he could not fully comprehend until he and Charlotte stumbled upon this parcel of prime grape-growing land. It was a journey that spanned a decade, culminating in a premonitions of owning 14 acres of land that proved to be the very vineyard they now call home. And it was then, amidst the lush rows of vines and the rich soil, that the dream finally came to fruition. This 14-acre vineyard produces some of the finest grapes in the region, a testament to the power of dreams and the mysterious forces that guide us towards our destiny.

At 14 Acres, we use both traditional winemaking techniques and the latest technology to craft our wines with care and attention to detail. Our winemaker works closely in and in a sense, with, the vineyard, tending to the grapes, because it's an old adage that “wine is made in the vineyard.” From these vineyards (and others) produces a range of wines, crisp whites and mellow reds that reflect the unique character of our Estate, along with full-bodied reds [outsourced].

We invite you to visit our beautiful winery, located in the heart of Ridgefield, WA. Enjoy our spacious tasting room and take a stroll through the vineyard. At 14 Acres Vineyard & Winery, we believe that you will find something unique, that no other winery offers and so much more than wine; it’s purpose, belonging and rest for your spirit and soul.


David Regan