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Picking The Best Wines To Serve At A Wedding- A Guide
David and Charlotte Regan  |  June 26, 2023

You have to be really careful about picking the menu of a wedding and that is applicable to the beverages to be served at the occasion, too! Wine is a great choice for serving at a wedding but you have to pick the right variants. There are so many red and white wine variants that making the right choice can be tedious, more so if it is the first time you are choosing wine for an upcoming wedding.

We have listed some handy tips to make your task of wedding wine selection easier!

  • Do not pick any random variant- Before you go wine shopping for an upcoming wedding, do a few calculations carefully. You cannot just pick any wine variant catching your fancy. Think of the guest list, to begin with. In most instances, guests will have varying choices in wine! So, you should go for variants that are typically loved by beginners and expert wine enthusiasts alike. Ideally, evade a strong-flavored wine for weddings.
  • Think of the wedding food- You will have to think of the menu of the event before picking the wine variants. A wine that goes well with animal meat may not be the best fit for seafood dishes.

You have to think of the type of meat to be served in a wedding menu as appetizers or in meat in dishes. Chardonnay typically goes well with red meat types. For light chicken snacks, you can always pick a lighter flavor variant like pinot grigio. For beef-based dishes, you cannot go wrong by picking Cabernet Sauvignon.

For dishes based on stronger flavored fish with a good amount of fat, you can pick lighter red wine like pinot noir. If you would rather choose a white wine variant with such fish dishes, chardonnay fits the bill. For dishes made of Mild fish like halibut and cod, go for a white wine strain like Sauvignon Blanc.

What if the majority of appetizers and main dishes are vegetable-based? Worry not, you can always pick cabernet sauvignon or merlot, both being popular red wine variants. For dishes based on seasonal produce, you can pick white wine and Riesling is a good choice.

  • The season does matter- Picking the right wine strain is also affected by the timing of the event or the season. For weddings to be held in the winter months, you can pick a red wine like tempranillo to brighten up the mood of the guests. For weddings to be held at peak summer days, you can settle for a sparkling wine or chilled white wine variant.
  • The wedding theme- Before picking the wine type, pay attention to the type or theme of the wedding. Is it going to be a formal wedding or a destination wedding with a limited number of guests? If it is a beach wedding with plenty of seafood and tropical fruits on the menu, go for a white wine like chardonnay.

Final words

While these tips will make picking the right wine for weddings easier, there is no hard and fast rule! You can be experimental and pick uncommon wine variants as long as you know it will go well with the people involved.

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