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Celebrate A Special Event near Kalama WA Differently
David and Charlotte Regan  |  June 17, 2023

Celebrating an upcoming event may be on your mind and you may have various plans, too. It could be a friend’s reunion or about celebrating your upcoming birthday in a unique way.

Some people also have grand plans to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. There is no shortage of such special occasion venues Kalama WA but you can opt for an off-beat location too! Why not celebrate your special event at a place away from the city, amidst the serenity and beauty of nature? Choose the pretty and quiet 14 Acres Vineyard and winery and your experience will be awesome and memorable.

Why it is ideal for adding uniqueness to your event

There are so many venues in Kalama and Amboy for celebrating special events, for sure. However, you will get a truly enjoyable and unique experience by booking the picturesque 14 Acres winery. Read on to find out why it is a much better choice than typical event venues.

  • A spacious venue- Not all personal events comprise a handful of guests. Do not worry if your upcoming birthday or anniversary has a very long guest list! At 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery, it is possible to accommodate hundreds of guests and you need not worry about car parking space either.
  • Lush, quiet setting- Celebrating a special event in the lap of nature can be such a refreshing and relaxing experience. Once you celebrate such an event at the beautiful and tranquil greenery at 14 Acres, you will realize that. No noise from vehicles and urban crowd are there. You will breathe in pure, unpolluted air while enjoying the chirping of the birds. The lush green setup will soothe your eyes.
  • Helpful, professional staff- Are you thinking that arranging vendors for celebrating an event far away from city will be a problem? Not when you book your spot at 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery! The staff here is professional and skilled. They are ready to help clients to arrange vendors and customize events in apt ways. From venue décor to music and food choices, everything can be customized.
  • Plenty of entertainment options- At 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery, there is no shortage of entertainment options. While some customers prefer celebrating their events amidst the serenity, others prefer music and dance. There are indoor venues for celebrating events replete with dance and song sequences. The barrel house is ideal for grooving to your favorite tracks with your guests. There is provision for high-speed internet access, too.

Plenty of food choices to explore

dine at 14 Acres

When you book the winery to celebrate a special event, bringing outside catering is allowed. However, you can also check out the tasty, nutritious and amazing dishes available here. You can pick from the Truffle Fries, Warm bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. There are crunchy Margherita and Pepperoni Pizza too. Health-aware eaters can go for the Seasonal Salad. Are there several kids on your list of guests? Worry not, as there are kid’s “Bento” plates to appease the little, picky eaters!

Do you have more queries on the event packages offered at 14 Acres Vineyards and Winery? Call at (360) 887-2085 to schedule a tour now.

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