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Celebrating Christmas Party at a Serene, Pretty Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  November 25, 2023

The winter chills are setting in everywhere and the snowfall season is not far. For many people, soaking in the spirit of Christmas has started. For the upcoming event, people have many plans. Some opt for house parties while others opt for vacations etc. You can choose to celebrate this Christmas in a different way. If you want to give the party revelers and the chaos they bring a miss, opt for a winery Christmas Party.

Why a winery Christmas party is a great idea?

The mention of a Christmas party or get-together conjures up the images of people gathering in households and cozying up near the fireplace and dinner table. However, this time make the celebration a little offbeat for the sake of variation! Imagine spending time with a handful of close friends or family members amidst the serenity and beauty of a vineyard and winery. You get the required privacy and freedom from chaos of urban life.

Things to check before finalizing plans

Before you finalize plans for celebrating Christmas at a winery and vineyard, a few things have to be checked.

  • Schedule a tour- It is necessary that you arrange for a tour of the winery before finalizing it for an upcoming Christmas Party. Nowadays, several wineries offer their venues for booking and they also offer advance tours. You should be able to book such winery tours online. It is better to book such tours in advance to avoid the rush expected in the festive season.
  • Ask for entertainment options- What is a Christmas party without some groovy music and dance? You should look for wineries that have apt indoor setup for holding such parties and events. A room with a dance floor and wireless internet streaming options is ideal in this regard. Also, ensure the winery has enough space for parking cars.
  • Decoration options- Of course, you would like your Christmas party to be replete with nice décor. You can ask the winery management and staff for provisions. They should guide you in sprucing up the venue before the event. From using fancy Christmas trees to blinking led lamps and Xmas-themed cutlery, options are aplenty.
  • Vendors- Since most wineries are located at faraway places, carrying foods and beverages is not a practical idea. The good thing is many wineries, including those in Ridgefield, WA region have alliances with regional vendors. They should be able to guide you in picking the right vendors.
  • Wine options- A party at a winery minus wines is simply unthinkable. If you do not have much idea about suitable wine strains to indulge in winter months, just ask the winery staff. They should be able to guide you in picking apt red and white wine strains for your party. In fact, they should also guide you in picking the right appetizers and dishes for such wine strains.

 Summing it up

Celebrating a Christmas party at a serene and pretty winery, away from the city can be a refreshing idea. Just ensure you do the planning well and check out several wineries carefully, while focusing on customization options and facilities offered. Book the venue well in advance and you are likely to have a memorable experience afterward!

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