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A Great Destination for Food Lovers- 14 Acres Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  August 15, 2023

People have different ways to bust stress and seek a break from the monotony of their schedules! Not everyone tired of chores and workload head to a discotheque or beer pub! Numerous urban recreation and entertainment options for relaxation and stress-busting, including musical events and watching movies are there. However, for some people, food is the best way to find happiness and fulfillment. If tasting food in a different and unique ambiance is what you seek, just head to the serene and pretty 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery.

Events based on food for special occasions

The Winery, located at Ridgefield, WA is known for various entertainment events but special food-centric events are also held here, from time to time. These are loved by foodies of various age groups. On those special days, you can gorge on amazing delicacies and sip on beverages that are hard to find elsewhere. So far, such food events have received a superb response from the participants.

Ideal for foodies in your family or friend circle

You can take your family members and close buddies to 14 Acres winery to enjoy those food-centric events. These can be ideal for bonding with your near and dear ones, over food and some delicious wines!

In 2022, such events were held on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for example. The event on June 18th was a resounding success. The exclusive Brunch menu for Father’s Day included delicacies and snacks like cinnamon rolls, yogurt parfaits and biscuits. They usually arrange brunch on such days.

On Christmas Eve in 2022, there was a special event involving families. It involved festive storytelling, alongside tasting cookies and hot chocolate. The highlight of the event was a special Candy cane hunt.

What is so special about the venue?

The food centric-events held at 14 Acres Winery are special and leave a great impression on the mind of the participants.

  • The atmosphere-Imagine the bliss of gorging on mouth-watering delicacies, minus the chaos and noise you experience in typical urban eateries. There will be no bustling crowd, pollution or annoying noise, for sure. You will enjoy the serenity and fresh, pollution-free air at the winery. The lush greenery will soothe your eyes.
  • The amenities- The pretty winery is located away from the city but there are all amenities to arrange such events. Ample car parking space is there, to begin with. The staff is professional and they arrange everything neatly.
  • Online booking system- For these events, you can book using mobile and the website conveniently. The pricing is also reasonable.


To satisfy the food lover in you and your near ones, 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery is a worthy choice. All you need to do to stay updated on upcoming food-centric events at the venue is subscribing to its social media profiles. Follow its Facebook and Instagram pages to ensure you receive timely updates on such events.

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