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How to Celebrate A Wine-Themed Halloween Party
David and Charlotte Regan  |  November 10, 2023

Just when the pre-winter chill sets in, people in many countries including the USA celebrate Halloween. The core concept of Halloween is that on October 31, spirits descend on the earth from another realm and walk among the humans. Celebrating Halloween parties is quite popular among kids and adults but you can also think of arranging such a party with a twist! It is not only about opting for spooky costumes and adorning the party venue with themes related to spirits and supernatural creatures. The food and beverage choice has to sync with the theme.

Here, we will share some handy tips to make your wine-themed Halloween party a grand success!

  • Halloween Wine Tasting- If the people you are planning to invite to your Halloween party are fond of wine, why not throw a section for tasting exotic wines? The wines you select should be served with suitable snacks and starters.
  • Decorating wine bottles and plates- It is not going to be a regular party and everything from the overall decor and utensils used should exude a spooky aura. So, you can paint the wine bottles and glasses with designs and images that reflect the core spirit of Halloween. Choose dark hues and a dash of white in cutlery.
  • Serving wine cocktails- Not everyone invited to your Halloween party may be wine connoisseurs. Wine cocktails can suit those people fine. You can be a little experimental on this aspect as well. For example, it would be good to blend red wine with ginger ale and add some frozen grapes. You may also add a few strawberries on top.
  • Wine bar décor- You can adorn the party venue with spooky elements of Halloween all right. However, it would also be a nice idea to give the place the look of a wine bar. Arrange for dim lighting and mood lights, if possible. That will enhance the party ambiance. Choose hues like red, black and white to sync with Halloween.
  • Horror movie show- It would be a good idea to keep a cult Halloween horror movie at the end of the event! Set up a large-sized LCD TV at the venue and add a sound bar, too. Imagine the experience of watching a cult horror flick in a dark room with your pals, while sipping in exotic red wines.

 Which wines go well with a Halloween party?

There is no norm for choosing wines for a Halloween party. However, you can pick from classic ones. The variants of Cabernet sauvignon with their fruity aroma and long-lasting finish are recommended. Malbec is another good choice in this regard.

Wrap up

Planning a wine-themed Halloween party is not tedious. You have to pick the menu carefully and spend some time in adorning the venue. Halloween events are incomplete without apt attires and entertainment provisions. So, ensure you keep the matching lighting and music for such an event.

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