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Indulge in Soul-Stirring and Rare Events at 14 Acres Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  October 26, 2023

Life has become so stressful and monitors for a majority of people these days. To bust stress and find some relief from boredom, people resort to numerous means. From going to movies, and dining out to visiting spas and opting for weekend tours, options are aplenty. However, you may sometimes opt for unusual activities that can refresh your mind and provide entertainment at the same time. Ridgefield, WA–based 14 Acres Vineyard and winery can be your ideal destination.

Some unusual yet enticing events held at 14 Acres Winery

At the pretty and serene winery, different recreational and entertainment events take place, all over the year. There are mainstream entertainment events like musical concerts and live band performances for sure. From time to time, the winery management holds special sales and food-centric events, too.

However, the winery is also ideal when you have a penchant for unusual events. These include some events that stir the soul as well as events that appeal to people with a penchant for comedy and the macabre.

  • Starry Nights– On August 18th, a soul-stirring event was held at the beautiful and serene winery. The After-hours star party was held in alliance with Galileo Astronomy club and the event turned out to be delightful. The guests enjoyed the experience of watching the night sky with telescopes. Such celestial experiences are pretty rare.
  • Trivia Night– Are you the kind of person who loves engaging in interactions with people with a high level of knowledge? Not everyone runs after casual banters and loud music for entertainment, for sure! On January 28th, the 14 Acres Winery arranged for a Trivia Night. Krista played the hostess with élan and the night turned out to be amazing.
  • Halloween Bash– Have you always been fond of watching horror movies, especially those with a link to Halloween? If the answer is yes, opt for the upcoming Halloween bash at 14 Acres Winery, named Haunted winery, the event is sure to entice people with a penchant for the macabre. It will be a perfect Saturday evening outing replete with a fun costume party! Enjoy specialty wine cocktails at the event while enjoying the spectacle!

Wrap up

What are the factors that make such special events at the 14 Acres winery more enticing? Well, the management ensures the tickets for such special events are priced reasonably. At some events, you get free entry too. The option to taste their exquisite wines at those events is another factor. To stay updated on their special upcoming events, follow 14 Acres Winery on Instagram and Facebook.

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