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Mistakes To Evade When Planning A Vineyard Wedding
David and Charlotte Regan  |  September 26, 2023

Weddings are meant to be special and people go to any lengths to ensure such grand events are planned and held in apt way. If you have always thought about celebrating your wedding in a unique and memorable way, choosing a vineyard for the venue would be a great idea. The lush greenery, pleasant breeze and serenity will set the right ambiance. However, you also need proper planning to make a vineyard wedding a successful and memorable event. More notably, you should steer clear of the commonplace vineyard wedding mistakes.

Listed below are some commonplace vineyard wedding mistakes you should be aware of:

  • Overlooking indoor seating and celebration- Wineries renting their space for weddings and similar events typically have indoor venues, along with outdoor ones. Skipping an indoor venue for a vineyard wedding can be impractical. Unexpected weather changes can mar your outdoor wedding celebration, at a vineyard. So, you may look for wedding packages with an indoor seating setup.
  • Not thinking about bugs- Do your research about insects and bugs that can be present at vineyard setup before picking it for a wedding venue. The presence of bees, mosquitoes and other insects may vary with the season as well.
  • Not thinking of the climate- Vineyards typically have open-air setups. However, the temperatures can go up and down in such places more drastically compared to urban places. So, get the weather update from the vineyard and winery management before selecting the venue and time.
  • Keeping wine as the only beverage- At a vineyard, you get access to fresh and exquisite wine variants, for sure. That does not mean you should keep wine as the sole beverage for the wedding arranged at a vineyard! Think of the kids at the wedding and there could be people who are not too fond of wine. So, it would be good to keep some other beverages along with red and white wines.
  • Not booking in advance- There might be several vineyards that can be booked as wedding venues, in your region. However, keep in mind that such places are much sought after these days. People look out for such offbeat wedding venues, more than you imagine. So, make sure you book a vineyard wedding venue much before the event date.
  • Not consulting the management- To ensure your upcoming vineyard wedding becomes successful, do not overlook the importance of consulting with the management. They can help you pick the right time, offer you useful information regarding various vendors etc.

Why the 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery is a great choice?

Located at Ridgefield, WA, 14 Acres vineyard and winery is a suitable destination for celebrating weddings and other events. It has an amazing serene setup with plush greenery. There are professional and skilled staff who make planning a wedding and booking various vendors hassle-free for their customers. To find out more about its wedding packages, call (360) 887-2085.

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