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Monsoon-Perfect Wines You Should Definitely Try
David and Charlotte Regan  |  July 6, 2023

Monsoon days can sometimes be pretty gloomy! The overcast sky, incessant rain with almost no option to venture out and a damp smell pervading the household can dampen your mood too. What is the best way to cheer up your spirits on such a gloomy, rainy day? Cooking up lip-smacking snacks can be a way out but you may also try some special wine strains.

Picking the right wine for rainy days

You may find it a tad hard to pick the right wine strain for boosting your mood on rainy days, more so if you are new to tasting wine. We will offer some handy tips in this regard.

  • Red wines- Ask a lot of wine experts about monsoon-perfect wine strains and chances are there they will advise some popular red wine strains. Those strains with enough earthiness and high alcohol content will be ideal. One strain you can safely choose is Cabernet Sauvignon. The spicy note and dark fruit flavor will warm you up fast. The perfume of cherries makes it refreshing. Its solid tannins have earned it a huge user base.

If you want traces of vegetables in flavor, go for its popular cousin-namely Cabernet Franc. Sipping on this red wine while listening to raindrops chattering on road outside can be a blissful experience.

If you want an elegant red wine variant, just go for Amarone. Its intense ruby-garnet hue and the scent of sun-dried fruits and cherries will entice you. Remember that it has an elevated alcohol quotient.

If you want to experience the monsoon gloom to the fullest, go for a red wine like Monastrell. You get notes of blackberry, plum and tobacco in this full-bodied wine.

Are you in the mood for enjoying red wine in dinner on a rainy day? Go for Italian super tascan, without any doubt. It is somewhat acidic and so goes best with foods. The hints of robust fruit flavor and vanilla will charm your taste buds.

If you want a lighter red wine strain, go for Pinot Noir which is said to be pretty versatile. Grenache is also a good option and it is bit spicy.

  • White Wines- Well, you can pick from any white wine strains for rainy days. A full-bodied white wine strain like Roussane and Chenin Blanc will fit the bill well. The latter is known for its tropical fruit notes.

Summing it up

These wine strains go well with monsoon days but that does not mean you cannot try other strains. It ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and moods.

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