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14 Acres Winery – Musical Events of August 2023
David and Charlotte Regan  |  September 8, 2023

Music is a powerful medium that helps people bond and find outlets for their inner feelings and emotions. There are many ways to enjoy music in or outside home. However, it is a nice idea to opt for unique and offbeat types of musical events, at times. For enjoying music in a unique ambiance and obtaining the thrill, 14 Acres Winery is an ideal destination. All over the year, a wide range of musical events are held at the Winery, located in Ridgefield, WA. In August 2023, several enticing musical events were held at the winery.

A look at the musical events of August 2023

In August 2023, 14 Acres Winery became a hub for diverse musical events. These events were attended by hundreds of music lovers from all age groups and they proved to be hugely successful.

  • Taken By The Sky- Fleetwood Mac Tribute

On 13th August, the musical extravaganza named Taken By The Sky- Fleetwood Mac Tribute was held at the 14 Acres winery. The musical event lasted 2 hours but the energy and excitement reached a crescendo! It started at 6 pm and people from many age groups and youngsters thronged the venue. The delicious wine and food received a thumbs-up from the viewers.

  • Sunday Concert series- Dancehall Days

On 20th August, the 14 Acres winery hosted an electrifying dance and song event- namely Dancehall Days. The iconic yesteryears tracks received a huge response from the audience while youngsters went gaga over the modern dance hits.

  • Sunday Concert series- Petty Fever

The last Sunday of August, namely 25th August was the time for Petty Fever. Designed as a tribute to the icon Tom Petty, the retro-theme musical event was a grand success. The audience became ecstatic as the chartbusters from bygone days were played back one after another by the participating artists.

Why do these musical events become so successful?

The musical events in August, held at the 14 Acres Winery proved to be grand and enticing ones. The reasons are not hard to guess. The USP of these musical events are:

  • Usually, there are no age restrictions and so you can bring your kids as well as elderly relatives.
  • For most musical events, you can pick from general tickets and there are VIP passes as well.
  • You get to enjoy delicious snacks and wines at the venue while enjoying the hit tracks.
  • The ticket booking process is online and absolutely hassle-free.

 What about the upcoming musical events?

Of course, several upcoming musical events are slated to take place at the beautiful

winery in Ridgefield, WA in September and subsequent months. To stay updated on these upcoming events and get access to online booking, follow the social media profiles of the 14 Acres Winery. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get new feeds and other updates on such cultural events.

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