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Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner at the Pretty 14 Acres Vineyard
David and Charlotte Regan  |  May 13, 2023

People have various plans for arranging their weddings and they wish things are executed as per plan, for sure. This is not only applicable to the wedding itself but also to the events preceding it. These include a rehearsal dinner. While it is not a mandatory ritual, planning and executing a rehearsal dinner is deemed necessary by many. You have to choose the venue for such an event wisely. For holding a rehearsal dinner near Ridgefield WA, your best option is 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery.

Why pick 14 Acres Vineyard for your rehearsal dinner?

Certainly, you can go to any typical venue in places like in WA like Yacolt or Amboy to arrange the rehearsal dinner. However, to give the event a different dimension and make it memorable, this vineyard and winery is a great choice.

  • Unpolluted, serene natural setting- What’s so new about planning a rehearsal dinner at a typical urban venue amidst the usual noise and chaos? At 14 Acres vineyard and winery, you get access to a green, unpolluted and calm setting that has a soothing and relaxing effect on your senses. The guests will also feel at ease, for sure.
  • Provisions for large events- Are you planning for a rehearsal dinner near Yacolt, WA and want a venue where accommodating hundreds of guests will not be an issue? It is one more reason to book 14 Acres vineyard and winery. You can plan for a large rehearsal dinner. The venue is spacious and you also get ample space for vehicle parking. There will be no jostling for space!
  • Expert assistance- The main reason people heliostat to plan rehearsal dinners away from urban places is the lack of amenities. When you book the beautiful winery at Ridgefield, WA that will not be a constraint. The staff at the winery is expert in assisting clients in various ways. They can help you with vendor selection for food and anything else.
  • Enjoying the wine- What is a rehearsal dinner without sipping on some great beverages? Give regular beverages a miss for your upcoming grand event and pick from the range of white and red wines, made at the winery. Made from top-quality grapes frown at the vineyard, the wines will leave your guests amazed.
  • Ample entertainment scope- At rehearsal dinners, you get the flexibility to celebrate in unique ways, as it is not much formal in nature. When you book a venue at 14 Acres vineyard and winery, options are aplenty. You can book an outdoor venue for the event and there are indoor venues too. There can be special musical programs if you wish. Do you feel dance should be a part of the event? There is the large barrel room with a dance floor.

Call for a tour and decide thereafter

The website of 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery has all the details you need for booking. However, you can explore the venue personally before making a booking. You can book a tour of the winery by calling (360) 887-2085. Except for Monday, you can pick a date. Set a date and be rest assured of the rehearsal dinner near kalama wa being a success. 


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