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Planning Your Engagement Party At A Lush And Serene Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  November 18, 2023

There was a time wedding–related rituals were done adhering closely to the age-old traditions, in most places. Times have changed and now people are more open to experimenting and adding creativity to such events. It is okay if you hold the engagement party without sticking to typical traditions. Choosing a winery and vineyard as the venue can be nice and it will be refreshing for the invited people.

Why pick a winery for an engagement party venue?

In certain situations, picking a winery and vineyard setup as the engagement party venue can be great. If the couple who are about to tie the knot prefer serenity and natural bounty over the clutter and noise of city, it fits the bill well. They will get enough space to adorn the venue and accommodating a lot of guests will not be a problem as well. The fresh air and quietness of a winery will soothe everyone’s mind.

How to ensure the party is a success

To ensure your engagement party at a winery becomes enjoyable and strikes the right chord with the guests, focus on the following aspects.

  • Keeping the right dishes and snacks

Since the party is being held at a winery, you should choose snacks and dishes that go well with wines. Keeping cheese and nuts is a good idea. You may ask the winery management for freshly produced cheese and bakery dishes. Some wineries offer locally produced food items including rustic breads to customers.

  • Choosing the right wines

You can definitely go for wines made at the winery for the party beverage. There are many options. However, you can stay safe by picking wines like Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The latter goes well with fresh goat cheese. In fact, you can plan it like a wine-tasting event, too.

  • Planning for entertainment

Modern-era wineries have ample options for entertainment. So, you can ask the management about the availability of wireless internet and streaming options. It is even better if they have a dedicated indoor setup for dancing and singing. You may also settle for an outdoor engagement event at the winery, based on your budget and timing of the year.

  • Talking with the winery people

Those who run wineries typically assist customers in renting such venues for special events. So, you can ask the winery management for references on suitable vendors. That will ensure you get food and beverages without hassles. In fact, their staff can help in adorning the event venue.

Summing it up

It will be nice to celebrate an upcoming engagement party at a winery. The natural beauty and serenity will make the event truly enticing and memorable. However, planning has to be proper. You would do well to arrange a tour of the winery much before the event. This will ensure you get enough time to book the venue and find out if it fits your needs or not.

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