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Learning The Pros and Cons of Sparkling Wine
David and Charlotte Regan  |  January 9, 2024

You may have seen it in several movies and TV soaps, of bottles of wine being opened and poured into glasses. The wine forming frothy bubbles after being poured must have caught your eyes. These are known as sparkling wines. What segregates sparkling wine from regular wine is the production method used. These wines are made to undergo a secondary level of fermentation and they are carbonated to form the frothy bubbles.

Sparkling wines come in a wide variety of flavors and they can be sweet as well as dry. Sparkling Wine is produced in various countries including France, the United States, Canada and Italy nowadays.

The basics of sparkling wine

Sparkling wine can be made from both white and red grapes. For berating the bubbly effect in the final beverage, a number of methods are used. In the traditional method, the secondary fermentation is done inside the bottle. The Charmat method is both faster and cheaper, also called the tank method. It is used to develop fruity flavored and lighter sparkling wines. In some instances, a mix of both methods is used as the sparkling wine is fermented within the bottle and then it is kept in a tank.

The pros of drinking Sparkling Wine

While regular red wines are said to be the healthiest variant in widens, that does not mean you cannot enjoy sparkling wines for health gains.

  • Good for gut health- Drinking sparkling wines can be good for your gut health. These wines contain a decent amount of polyphenols found in red grapes. The gut bacteria gain from this compound. You will gain better digestion capabilities and your bowel movements will be smoother.
  • Helps improve cardiac health- Sparkling wines, especially those made from Red grapes contain a compound called resveratrol. This is known to be a robust antioxidant and studies have hinted at its lasting anti-inflammatory properties. Also, polyphenols found in red grapes help thwart damage to your arteries and vessels supplying blood to the heart. It also helps combat the growth of LDL cholesterol.
  • Good for skin- Sparkling wine consumption can improve your skin health. Its carbon dioxide can help rejuvenate the skin and boost the skin’s elasticity. The polyphenols also help enhance skin health.
  • Mood booster- Drinking a glass of sparkling wine can lift your moods, literally. Sparkling wine causes your brain to release dopamine and that has a positive impact on your mind. Its minerals like potassium, zinc, and magnesium cause that buoyant feeling.

 The cons of drinking Sparkling Wine

  • May hamper fitness goals- A glass of sparkling wine has close to 100 calories and its alcohol content can affect the metabolism. This can hamper your fitness goals especially if you are trying to lose excess fat.
  • Sleep pattern disruption- Alcohol in sparkling wine hampers the REM sleep phase. It makes you feel worn out even after you sleep all through the night at a stretch.

 Summing it up

Drinking sparkling wine is generally good for health but ensure you drink in moderation. Drinking it in excess amounts may exacerbate certain underlying health conditions. You can always resort to wine connoisseurs to fathom the most suitable sparkling wine for your needs.

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