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Guide to Planning a Rehearsal Dinner near Amboy
David and Charlotte Regan  |  June 24, 2023

Planning a wedding is no cakewalk and ace wedding planners will agree. You have to think of planning and executing so many things and there are numerous rituals to cover, for sure. Before the main event comes the rehearsal dinner. This pre-wedding ceremony is an important one and it gives 2 families the scope to find out more about themselves and indulge in mirth and celebration. Nowadays, people also plan a rehearsal brunch rather than a dinner. If you are planning for a rehearsal dinner near Amboy, WA picking the right venue will be necessary.

Book the serene and pretty 14 Acres Winery 

There are many traditional venues you can book for arranging an upcoming rehearsal dinner in Kalama and Amboy. However, it would be a nice idea to hold the event in a place away from the noise and clutter of cities. Opt for the beautiful and serene 14 Acres Vineyard and winery, located at Ridgefield WA. The experience is likely to be exceptional and delegates will appreciate the refreshing change. They will indulge in joyful activities while enjoying the serenity and beauty.

Why pick 14 Acres over other venues for rehearsal dinners?

Once you celebrate any personal event at the lush winery, you will not think of choosing any traditional venue for celebrating a rehearsal dinner. The venue is loved by people in Amboy, Kalama and other places in Washington for numerous reasons.

  • Amazing beauty and tranquillity- You have attended many weddings and rehearsal dinners held at typical urban venues. Try the serene and picturesque winery with its lush greenery and fresh air and you will feel blessed! The absence of noise, pollution, and chaos of city life will rejuvenate your senses. The place is so beautiful that everyone among the delegates will feel happy. Enough space is there for kids to play around while senior guests can relax and enjoy the scenic views.
  • Vast space- The vineyards and winery is huge and there is enough open space here to celebrate events involving plenty of guests. Even if you are planning for a rehearsal dinner with several hundred guests, accommodating them and parking the cars will not be hard.
  • Supportive staff- At 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery, you will find supportive and professional staff. They do everything needful to ensure customers can execute their special events like rehearsal dinners without facing any hurdles. They will help you in finding as well as hiring the top vendors for foods, beverages and décor etc.
  • Plenty of customizations- You may have grand plans for celebrating your upcoming rehearsal dinner. The staff at 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery can help in executing your plans. Whether it is about decorating the venue in a specific style or keeping an eclectic food menu, it is possible. While hiring external vendors is possible, you can also check out the mouth-watering snacks like pepperoni pizzas and truffle fries offered by the entity. Delegates will love sipping the delicious wines made at the farm for sure.

Want to check out the 14 Acres vineyard and winery before setting the date for a rehearsal dinner near Kalama WA? Schedule a booking by calling at (360) 887-2085.

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