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Ensuring Your Vineyard Wedding Turns Out To Be Romantic
David and Charlotte Regan  |  September 18, 2023

Are you thinking of celebrating your wedding in a unique yet romantic way? A great idea would be to celebrate it in a vineyard. However, you will need proper planning to give the event a romantic flair. Typically, vineyards and wineries are located away from urban landscape and that will work in your favor. You will get ample scope, space, and freedom from chaos to plan your vineyard wedding.

Handy tips to make your vineyard wedding romantic

  • Choosing the right hues- To give your upcoming vineyard wedding a romantic flavor, picking the hues for decoration is important. The setup is likely to be full of greenery and so you need not use green additionally. However, complement the green backdrop by using hues like purple and shades of pink and red at the venue. For example, the tables and chairs can have pink-hued upholstery.
  • Thinking of the season- When your vineyard wedding event is going to be held? Think of the season and pick the décor accordingly. The colors that go well with fall are not the same that look good in winter, for example.
  • Using wines and grapes in design- It would be a good idea to use shapes and designs of grapes and wine bottles in wedding décor for a vineyard wedding. The wedding menu can have the shape of a grape bunch or fold as a wine bottle cut-out. Of course, there are no norms and you can use your creativity in using winery and vineyard-themed objects in wedding venue décor. Even the wedding cake can be designed like a grape bunch or like a wine barrel.
  • Choosing the right wine- It would be good to pick a suitable wine strain for the wedding. There are plenty of options. If you have a truly romantic wedding in mind, picking Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon would be great. Also, think of the wedding menu before picking such wine strains. The vineyard staff should be able to guide you in this regard.
  • Picking the right music- A wedding event is hardly complete without the right music playing in the background! The same holds true for a vineyard wedding too. Choose tracks that reflect the ambiance of romantic couples celebrating their union. There are many classical and contemporary tracks to pick from. Some wineries have both outdoor and indoor setups that can be utilized for entertainment needs.

Why does 14 Acres Winery make for an apt wedding venue?

To add a romantic flavor to a vineyard wedding, the 14 Acres winery seems an apt choice.

  • It is a spacious setup with natural serenity and amazing greenery as the backdrop.
  • The winery has skilled and helpful staff who assist customs in planning and executing weddings and similar events.
  • The winery management helps customers in arranging food and other vendors.
  • They have adequate provision for entertainment, including a dance room and wireless internet service.

Pay a visit to the winery and you will figure out why it is the most ideal venue for celebrating romantic weddings in Ridgestone, WA. To find out more about the wedding booking services offered by the 14 Acres vineyard and winery, you can email events@14acres.com or call (360) 887-2085.

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