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Storing Wine in Tropical Climates- A Guide
David and Charlotte Regan  |  February 20, 2024

Wine connoisseurs always say that the beverage is best served chilled. However, wine is meant for storage in a chilled setting. The quality and flavour of wins can be affected adversely by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Things can be more tedious for people living in tropical climate regions. However, with proper care and preparations, you can surely store wine in places with warmer climates without causing loss to the wine’s taste and aroma.

Understanding the importance of temperature for wine storage

Fluctuation in temperature does not only spoil the state of wine, it causes more damage to the beverage’s quality. It also affects the aging of the wine. Too much warmth can lead to premature aging of the wine, causing a bitter taste. The reason is not too tough to understand. Wine is mostly made with water and alcohol. The chemical compounds lend the flavour, color, aroma to the beverage.

A single bottle of wine may contain plenty of different chemical compounds. Too much interaction between those can alter the taste and flavour. That happens by excessive vibration and alterations in temperature. When wine gets too warm, it leads to the formation of acetic acid. That spoils the taste and reduces the longevity of the beverage.

The ideal temperature for wine storage

The ideal temperature for storing wine will vary on the type of beverage but it should not be either too cold or too hot, as a thumb rule. For sparkling wines and champagne, the temperature range is 40° to 45° F while for Full-bodied reds the range is between 60° to 65° F.

Storing wine when you live in a tropical climate place

To store wine in the best way in a tropical place, you have to be extra careful.

  • Invest in a wine cellar- This is the best way for wine storage provided you can afford it. It can be in the basement of the house or a room that is not exposed to much sunlight and traffic.
  • Purchase a wine cooler- If building a wine cellar at home is not your choice, invest in a wine cooler. It works better than a standard refrigerator and maintains the optimal temperature and humidity level consistently.
  • Check wine prior to buying- Be careful about the place from where you buy your wine, regardless of the variant. Do not buy wine if you find the bottle warm to the touch. The bottles displayed in sunlight should not be bought as well.

Keeping wines in a closed cupboard in the kitchen may work, as long as the humidity level is ideal.

Things to avoid

To avoid spoiling the taste and flavor of wine, there are certain things you should avoid doing.

  • Wine experts advise against storing wine at regular room temperature. Do not think that keeping wine bottles at a dark corner of the room will be adequate!
  • Keeping the wine near appliances like a microwave oven or cooker is not recommended as they radiate heat.
  • Do not keep wine bottles near windows. This exposes the bottles to heat and sunlight.

 Summing it up

People living in tropical regions can store wine without spoiling its flavor and taste easily. Heat and fluctuation in temperature are the major hurdles to avoid in this context.

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