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Stress-Busting and Relaxation at 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  July 20, 2023

Life has become so stressful for everyone, regardless of age and gender nowadays. It is necessary that you look for various ways to bust the stress and indulge in activities and things that soothe your mind and senses. Instead of hitting pubs and nightclubs or watching movies at the weekends, you can try something unique and refreshing. A good idea would be to head to the serene and pretty winery at 14 Acres. Located at Ridgefield WA, this beautiful vineyard and winery has become a preferred destination for people seeking enjoyable and refreshing cultural events.

A beautiful setting with all amenities

The vineyard is known for its lush, serene setting. The events held at the place are enjoyed thoroughly by visitors as there is no urban chaos and clutter around! That does not mean, you will have to give up on amenities. On the contrary, the winery is replete with amenities you can think of. From wireless internet or car parking facility, you get it all here!

Myriads of cultural and stress-busting events

At the tranquil 14 Acres Vineyard and winery, different types of cultural events are being held these days. These events have found favor with people from all walks of life, attracting teens and kids along with their parents!

  • You can pick from a wide range of musical events held at the winery. Several popular music bands ( genres like pop, rock, jazz and more) have done live concerts at the winery and audience repose has been very encouraging. Bands like Hit Machine and Soul Vaccination have performed at the venue already and the future lineup of events also look very encouraging.
  • It is not only a venue for music lovers. Those with a flair for comedy shows have something to rejoice about, too! So far, a number of stand-up comedians Susan Rice like have done shows at the serene winery, making the audience split into laughter. What can be a better way to beat your stress?
  • You can also take part in events that let you hone your creative skills and help you sharpen those further. A handful of creative workshops and skill development classes have taken place at the winery so far and more will come up in future.
  • On special occasions like Father’s Day and Thanksgiving, special food-centric events are held at the beautiful winery. On those days, you can bring your family members and relatives and indulge in some mouth-watering delicacies to celebrate the special day in style. Apart from the wines produced at the winery, you get to savor regional delicacies, made by local brands. So, these events are what foodies can look forward to!

Discounts and convenient online booking option

The musical and cultural events held at the pretty 14 Acres Vineyard and winery lure plenty of plenty from nearby regions. You can expect discounts on foods and wines at those special events. It is also possible to book tickets online, conveniently.

Final words

To know more about the upcoming musical and cultural events at the 14 Acres Vineyard and winery, you should check its social media pages, periodically. It would be good to follow its Facebook and Instagram pages for staying updated.


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