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Handy Tips To Make Your Vineyard Wedding A Grand Success
David and Charlotte Regan  |  August 22, 2023

A wedding is a significant event in anyone’s life. It is natural that you too have grand plans for your wedding. If you have a penchant for offbeat stuff over the regular, opting for a vineyard wedding can be a great idea. It can be a mesmerizing and truly memorable experience for the couple tying the knot and the guests as well. The ambiance, natural bounty and overall experience will be cherished by all, provided the planning is done right.

Reasons to have a vineyard wedding

There are so many reasons to zero in on a vineyard and winery setup for celebrating a wedding.

  • Tranquillity- Think of the tranquil and calm atmosphere. Nzot everyone has the penchant for tying the knot amidst the chaos, noise and urban setups. The natural setup in a vineyard will soothe your mind and eyes.
  • Eco-friendly nature- The setup of a winery is environment-friendly. You will leave less impact on the environment by using the vineyard for a wedding venue.
  • Cost saving- Since the vineyard setup itself is green and beautiful, you may spend less on decorating the venue, compared to what would be necessary in an urban setup. The natural backdrop of the winery will add to the décor’s appeal.
  • Ample space- Vineyards are usually spacious and there will be no space crunch. If your wedding guest list is a huge one, opting for a vineyard wedding makes complete sense.

wedding space at winery

 Tips to make your vineyard wedding a rocking success

You should make full use of your creativity to ensure the vineyard wedding becomes an enjoyable and memorable event. Listed here are some handy tips you can utilize in this regard.

  • You can decorate the wedding venue in many ways and there is no fixed formula. However, the venue is located inside a vineyard and so picking a natural motif makes sense. Using green and other nature-centric hues in the wedding décor will be prudent. You may also think of using vineyard accessories like barrels innovatively to adorn the venue.
  • You have to think of hiring the right vendors for the food and beverages at the wedding, for sure. The good thing about vineyards is that some of these setups have contacts with local food vendors. So, vineyard management may help you in finding and picking apt vendors. That will minimize your labor, to an extent.
  • To ensure the greenery and natural setup are not harmed by the event, use eco-friendly materials in the wedding as far as you can. Using biodegradable plates and glasses made of natural extracts is a good idea. You may also ask the vineyard staff to arrange for solar lights to illuminate the venue.
  • Including the wines produced at the vineyard and using available snacks offered by local vendors will help you keep the menu interesting while keeping the budget under control.

 Summing it up

Before selecting a vineyard for an upcoming wedding, check out its suitability. Check out available amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, car parking space, package cost and décor customization options etc. For a vineyard wedding in Ridgefield, WA region, your best option is the pretty and serene 14 Acres vineyard and winery.

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