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The Best Ways To Store Wine At Home
David and Charlotte Regan  |  January 22, 2024

Keeping your favourite wines at home and relishing those beverages from time to time can be a great idea. However, for this, you should know the apt ways to preserve wine. It does not matter if you lack a personal cellar. You can still keep wine in good condition.

Here, we have come up with some useful tips for storing wine in the apt way:

  • The right temperature matters Temperature is possibly the most important aspect of keeping wines properly. Too much variation in the temperature is a sure-shot recipe to spoil quality wine, regardless of the variant. Ideally, wine should not be kept above 20°C and below -4ºC. Too much heat may accelerate the aging process and excess cold is not good for the compounds in the beverage either. The ideal temperature is 13ºC. The place where wines are kept should have a stable temperature.
  • Protect from Light and Vibration- Regardless of the storage duration, ensure the wine bottles are not exposed to light and vibration. UV rays in sunlight can change the flavors and aromas of wine. Vibration can impact the ageing process of wine adversely. Wine can be affected both by artificial lighting and natural sunlight and so using a dark place is advisable.
  • Maintaining the right humidity level- The longevity of wine also depends on the level of humidity, for sure. If the area where wines are stored is too dry, that will cause the corks to dry out fast. That can let outside air seep inside the bottles and affect the quality. Excess humidity can cause labels on the bottles to peel off. The ideal humidity is 60 percent for storing wines.
  • Avoid using a regular fridge- Do not make the mistake of storing wine in a regular refrigerator. Using a wine cooler is the better option. This helps store wine at 10-15˚C, at the apt humidity. When you keep wines in a dedicated cooler or fridge, that helps avoid cross-contamination.
  • Storing bottles after opening- Once opened, a bottle of wine can be kept for 3 to 5 days. You have to recork it well and without much delay. You may use a rubber wine stopper if the cork is not in a good shape.
  • Storing bottles horizontally- When you keep the wine bottles in a horizontal position, it helps in enhancing the longevity. As the bottle is kept horizontally, the cork remains moist. That helps prevent drying of the cork and seepage of outside air. Besides, this helps you access the bottles more easily.

Storing open wine bottles properly

You should not store wine in a bottle after that seal or cork has been opened, for long. You should put the cork back in place as soon as you can. It would be a good idea to store leftover wine in a smaller bottle. This will slow down the natural oxidation process. You may take a glass bottle having a tight seal. Choose only glass containers for wine storage.

Summing it up

Storing wine in the apt manner is not hard. However, you have to do your homework well and invest either in a wine cellar or storage cabinet. Refer to the wine connoisseurs and online wine resources for ideas.

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