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The Secret To Pairing Wine With Salads
David and Charlotte Regan  |  December 4, 2023

Pairing wine strains with different types of foods can be quite tricky. However, it is necessary at wine parties or various personal events where the beverage is being served. If you want to pair wine strains with varying types of salads, taking care is recommended. Salads with specific types of dressing may not go well with wines with specific flavors and notes. You may have to do a little bit of experimenting in this regard.

We will recommend some handy tips to pair specific wine strains with different types of salads for parties or other events.

  • Mix Sauvignon Blanc with Vinaigrettes- Are you in the mood to enjoy super-tart wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc? It goes well with some Tart, acidic salad dressings. The acidity in the salad dressing will entice your taste buds and they will then gel well with the wine. You will find the beverage somewhat less acidic than it is! For some variation, you may also taste the wine first and then opt for the salad dressing.
  • Serve Sweet Dressings with Riesling & Vouvray- There are people who go gaga over sweet salad dressings like sweet-spicy ginger-sesame. This makes lightly sweet wines taste rather bland. Trying off-dry Rieslings with such sweet salad dressings works well.
  • Try Ranch-Style Dressings with Pinot Gris- When you want to savor a wine with some amount of body as well as acidity like Pinot Gris, serve it with a creamy dressing like Caesar or ranch. This balances things out quite well.

Getting the basics of wine and salad pairing clear

It may take some time for anyone to understand which salads go well with specific wines and which do not. If the salad dressing is quite zippy it does not go well with wines having medium acidity levels. This is because the vinegar in the salad is stronger than the natural acidity in such wines. You may opt for higher acidity or brighter styles of wine. Or else, you can use a lower amount of lemon juice and vinegar in the salad. The wine’s acid content must meet or exceed the acidity in the salad, for sure.

When you are using unusual veggies in salads such as artichokes, kale or asparagus, how do you know what wines to pick? The answer is thinking of what spices you would use if you were to cook these vegetables. It would be better to choose wines with citrus and salinity. Dry Riesling will be a good option here. You may try smoky volcanic wines like Greco di Tufo for plenty of texture and depth.

Most tart wines go well with salads. White or rose wines are ideal here. Rosé serves as a nice salad wine as it can counter the pungency in salad dressings with garlic. While wine connoisseurs recommend serving White wines with salads, you can very well try using higher-acid red wines. The salad may have walnuts, pepper, cranberries along with kale and balsamic.

For super acidic dressings, a fuller white like Chardonnay is great. If the dressing is very creamy, go for a leaner white variant with more acid such as a dry Riesling. For steak or chicken salads, opting for some light-bodied red wines like a Beaujolais is absolutely recommended.

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