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Cooking With Wine: Tips You Will Need
David and Charlotte Regan  |  January 25, 2024

Pairing a bottle of vintage red or white wine with sumptuous food is something many people love. However, its place is not limited just into your glasses. Instead, you can use wines to cook delicious dishes, using varied methods like poaching and creating sauces etc. The fact is wine has been deployed in different culinary traditions for several centuries, across the globe. Cooking dishes with wine enables you to boost the flavors in many delicacies and satisfy your taste buds in new ways!

You can use it in 4 ways for cooking.

  • To cook as a liquid.
  • Add moisture to the food.
  • To marinate an ingredient.
  • Add flavour to dishes.

The top tips for cooking with wine

Using wine to prepare various dishes or enhance the flavour and aroma of specific food can be a great idea. However, you must know the proper ways to use wine in cooking!

  • Don’t use a wine type you would not drink

This is quite basic but important. So, you can eliminate the cheap and bland-tasting cooking wine variants. These wines usually have plenty of preservatives and salt. Instead of these, you should pick from regular wine variants, ones that you are most fond of, for cooking delicacies.

  • Cut down on acidic ingredients/condiments

It is a common culinary practice to use specific acidic ingredients or condiments to enhance the flavour of the dish, such as vinegar and lemon juice. These are used in many culinary traditions. Wine works as a nice acidic condiment with many dishes, especially those containing fish. You can use it in a moderate amount to steam or poach fish well.

  • Use less fats and oils

You may use various animal fats and vegetable or plant oils for cooking yummy dishes. However, with wine, you should use less of these cooking oils and fats. You may skip using oil or butter when using wine, in some dishes, say the experts. You may also use sweet wine for baking cakes. It also works as a good marinating agent for many types of meats.

  • Use apt cooking style and cookware

When using wine, you must use apt cookware and culinary style. Wine goes best with dishes that require slow cooking and simmering, in general. Also, owing to its acidic content, you should not use reactive cookware. Using a slow cooker is a good idea and you may also choose a Dutch oven and skillet. Do not use cast iron crockery.

  • Add it slowly and in moderate amounts

While adding wine to enhance the taste and flavour of dishes, do not go overboard! It is always better that you add wine while cooking slowly and in small amounts. Keep in mind that cooking will reduce the volume and its acidity and sweetness will get intensified. The wine flavor should not overpower the dish.

Choosing the right wine for cooking

Use your culinary perception and common sense to pick the apt wine for cooking needs. Pair a wine type with foods having similarity in attributes. For example, a light-flavored wine variant goes well with dishes with light flavors too. White wines go well with white meats like poultry, fish, seafood while red wines are used widely with highly seasoned dishes and dark meats like beef, duck etc.

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