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Tips To Celebrate Valentines’ Day At A Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  February 6, 2024

People from various age groups start planning for Valentine’s Day at the beginning of each year. There are various options for celebrating this special day. You can go to a fancy restaurant or café with your valentine this year or opt for a weekend tour to celebrate the event. However, a more prudent choice would be opting for a winery-based celebration.

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day at a winery?

There are many reasons to choose a winery for spending Valentine’s Day with your beloved or partner.

  • Most typical hangout zones including popular restaurants and cafes will be choked with crowd on the day, in the city. A winery, located away from the city is less likely to be crowded. So, you and your valentine can enjoy some privacy!
  • It will give both of you a welcome relief from the chaos and noise of the urban landscape, for some time. Imagine the experience of spending some serene and blissful moments amidst the lush greenery of the vineyard, breathing in unpolluted air!
  • You may also come across wineries hosting special dinners on Valentine’s Day.

 Tips to celebrate Valentines’ Day at a winery 

Use your creativity and imagination to ensure you celebrate Valentine’s Day at a winery in the best way. We will share some handy tips here:

  • Contact the winery well in advance, so that you do not miss out on booking. Ask the winery management about provisions for dinners for two persons. Book a table in advance if they have such provisions in place.
  • Nowadays, various wineries offer customizations for customers booking the venues for special and personal events. So, you can ask the winery about decorating the venue in sync with the theme of Valentines’ Day. From table décor to music selection, ensure everything resonates with the theme well.
  • You may also celebrate this Valentine’s Day by taking a tour of the winery. Several wineries arrange tours for couples and small groups. Of course, you have to book in advance. Spend time with your valentine at the winery and explore nuances of wine making and take home some enticing wines.
  • Another handy idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a winery is by arranging a small party comprising of couples. It can be a group of well-knit friends or colleagues. The nice thing is you can ask the winery staff to arrange for food, snacks, beverages and entertainment. They usually have tie-up with local vendors. In fact, they can also help you in picking apt wines for such events.

 Things to check beforehand

Before you finalize a winery for celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is necessary to check a few aspects carefully. This will ensure you and your partner will have a great experience.

  • Check if there are suitable provisions for car parking at the winery. This is even more essential if you wish to celebrate the events along with a few friends and you all have personal vehicles.
  • Ask the winery management about provisions for high-speed internet access at the venue. A Valentine’s Day event without some music is hardly complete!

 Wrap up

Celebrate Valentines’ Day at a serene and pretty winery to obtain a memorable experience. Prepare well and choose the venue carefully.

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