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Tips To Stay Slim When You Drink Wine
David and Charlotte Regan  |  December 26, 2023

There is no denying the reality that alcoholic beverages come with a good amount of calories regardless of the variant. Wine is regarded as among the healthier options among such beverages but it also has a bad reputation for adding to your waistline. That does not mean you cannot drink wine when you are trying to shed excess weight or want to maintain your slim physique. You only have to be a bit careful about consumption method and picking the right strain is as important.

The ideal wine strains for Weight Watchers

If you check out the red and white wine variants, you will find the calorie and carbohydrate counts can be pretty varied. So, you should ideally go for those lower carb and lower calorie wines to ensure the least impact on your waistline. Sweet wines have been blamed for having enhanced calorie and carb counts. You will stay safe by picking popular dry wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.

Tips to keep weight in check while drinking wine

Try the following tips to ensure you can keep obesity at bay while indulging in wine.

  • Think of the time- The timing of consuming wine or any alcoholic beverage has an impact on your overall health metrics and weight, even though few are aware of it. Eating foods while drinking wine or other types of alcohol can impact your weight adversely. So, avoid the urge to sip down a glass of wine while having your dinner. Instead, have an early dinner and take the wine after a couple of hours.
  • Check the portion- When it comes to wine consumption and staying slim, the amount is important. More is not necessarily the merrier! You can buy smaller wine glasses or resort to using pre-portioned bottles of wine.
  • Take it slow- It is okay if you are thinking of throwing a wine party at home or at a friend’s place. But it is also important to control the pace of consumption while having fun. Ensure you take it slow and limit yourself to one glass of wine an hour. This ensures your body gets quite a lot of time to process the alcohol and fat accumulation does not get a turbo boost!
  • Seek help in calorie count- While drinking outside, try to find out the calorie count in specific wine strains. You will find most wine strains have calorie counts ranging from 92-175 per glass. So, stick to low and moderate wine drinking per day.
  • Avoid drinking before the meals- It has been found that when you consume wine sometime before the meals, it leads to an appetite boost. So, you may end up gorging on a lot of food.
  • Buy Costly wines- Well, this is a logical point. When you buy an expensive bottle of red or white wine, you are less likely to finish it at one go. You will feel like drinking in moderation at a time. Sparkling wines last for around 4 days if you use a Champagne stopper while red or white wines can be kept with vacuum pump wine sealers.

Try the above tips and you will be able to enjoy wine while not putting on a lot of weight.

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