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14 Acres Winery- A Top Destination for Shopping Lovers
David and Charlotte Regan  |  September 14, 2023

Indulging in shopping can be a stress-buster for some people. Buying exotic and unique items from time to time can be ideal for gifting and decorating your home! However, it is not mandatory that you have to head to a regular shop or boutique stores to fulfill your shopping needs. There are some offbeat destinations for shopping lovers as well. If taking part in enjoyable and offbeat shopping-centric events strikes a chord with you, the beautiful 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery should be your destination.

Why 14 Acres Winery is loved by shopping-lovers?

This winery is not like your regular shopping centers, for sure. The management holds various types of events across the year and some of those are targeted at people who love tasting wine and buying unique gifts or useful items. So, on special events, you can head to the winery and also bring your near ones to enjoy delicious exquisite wines while shopping things. The winery staff is skilled and helpful enough and they ensure people attending such events have a great time.

What is so unique about 14 Acres Winery shopping events?

There are certain aspects that set the food-centric events of 14 Acres Winery a class apart. These events are usually held on some special days, such as Christmas or New Years Eve. Usually, these are holidays and so people can bring family members or close ones without problems. The ambiance and setup are also awesome. At the winery, you can enjoy your time amidst tranquillity, the cool breeze and live music programs. There will be nothing like pollution, the deafening noise of urban setups and jostling for spaces you get in urban shops.

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Some memorable shopping events at the winery

Occasionally, some shopping and food-centric events are also offered at the winery. Special food and drinks are also offered at festive times including Christmas and Thanksgiving etc. The annual holiday Bazaar deserves a mention here. It is held in December and many regional brands from Portland and Vancouver sell their products. You can explore a vast range of cookware, home decor items, clothing and accessories. The Fall festival taking place in October is another mention worthy event.

How to attend the shopping-centric events at the Winery?

You can stay updated on the upcoming events at the 14 Acres Winery, including food and shopping-centric events easily. Follow the brand on social media platforms, namely Instagram and Facebook. That way, you will receive updates and feeds on all such upcoming events. Then you can make reservations in advance and attend such events easily.

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