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Vineyard Wedding FAQ
David and Charlotte Regan  |  August 26, 2023

Questions to Ask Vineyard When Planning Your Wedding

  1. How to save on vineyard wedding décor?

Saving on vineyard wedding decorations is actually a no-brainer! You can use the lush green scenery as the backdrop. Of course, you can plan for some floral décor at the venue but using the natural backdrop will serve your purpose largely. It will prove to be less costly than typical wedding décor.

  1. How to use winery and vineyard accessories for wedding venue adornment?

There is no fixed rule for adorning a vineyard wedding venue with in-house accessories. But you can do things in a little off-beat style! For example, you can make use of wine barrels as flower-vase stands or place for putting lights on. Used wine bottles can be painted and used as flower vases.

  1. What are the amenities required for a vineyard wedding?

A vineyard wedding may be held without a few amenities available in urban wedding venue setups, for sure. However, you have to check for certain major amenities for a successful and enjoyable vineyard wedding. These are:

  • Ample space for parking vehicles.
  • High-speed wireless internet service.
  • Local vendors for food and beverages.
  • Enough vineyard staff to help plan and execute wedding–related tasks.
  • Provisions for dancing, singing and availability of musical instruments at or nearby the place.
  1. How to ensure a Vineyard wedding does not put a strain on the environment?

Celebrating a wedding in vineyard setup is a great idea but you must take steps to ensure the natural setup is not affected adversely by the event and delegates. For this, you can do the following:

  • You can adhere to a no-plastic usage policy for the wedding. Go for plates and cutlery made from eco-friendly materials.
  • It makes sense to inform the guests about the need to keep the wedding venue clean.
  • It would be a great idea to use solar-powered lights to reduce the carbon footprint at the venue.
  • Make arrangements for insect-repellents that are environment friendly.
  1. Shall I opt for an outdoor wedding at a vineyard?

It all depends on factors like the available space, the number of delegates and your wedding plans! Ideally, an outdoor wedding at a vineyard setup sounds logical. The delegates and bridegroom will be able to enjoy the natural bounty while celebrating the time. However, some vineyard setups also have dedicated indoor spaces for dancing and singing. An indoor setup may also be required if the weather turns inclement, unexpectedly.

  1. Shall I check for the beverage options?

Of course yes! At some vineyards and winery setups, you can bring beverages from outside while some others only allow using wines or other beverages made at the facility. You also need to check the regional norms on consuming alcoholic beverages.

  1. Is hiring local vendors prudent for a vineyard wedding?

Hiring local vendors for foods and beverages will help you streamline things at a vineyard wedding. Bringing external vendors may lead to transport and logistics hurdles, more so if the vineyard is away from the urban scene. Of course, you need to check out with the vineyard staff regarding suitable local vendors matching your needs.

  1. What else do I need to check before choosing a vineyard wedding venue?

You should check the following aspects before settling for a vineyard wedding venue.

  • Ask the vineyard management about their capacity to accommodate people for wedding events. This is more important when you have a huge guest list.
  • Enquire if there is any norm regarding allowing kids at the venue.
  • Similarly, ask the vineyard staff about provisions for allowing pets.
  • In some such setups, you may not get clearance for playing loud music beyond a specific timing. Get this clear with the management before you choose the venue.
  1. How to choose the right wine variants for a vineyard wedding?

You can pick from a variety of red and white wines produced at the vineyard for weddings held at the venue, for sure. However, think of a few factors before deciding on the wine variants.

  • The weather and time of the wedding.
  • The appetizers and main meal selected for the event.

It would be good to keep quite a few red and white wine variants on the menu, so that the guests can pick and choose without issues.

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