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A Guide For Wearing Proper Attire and Accessories As A Guest
David and Charlotte Regan  |  October 20, 2023

Attending a vineyard wedding, whether that is for a friend or someone in the family can be a nice experience. Soaking in the sun and enjoying the pure breeze amidst a natural lush backdrop, away from the chaos and pollution of the city can be quite refreshing for your eyes and senses. However, you need to wear the right attire for such a special wedding! Along with wedding dress, you have to be mindful about using the right accessories and ornaments.

Here, we have listed some handy tips to ensure your vineyard wedding attire turns out to be a hit!

  • Wearing the right fabric- Since the wedding setup is natural, try wearing a natural fabric-based dress. Based on the time, you can wear a silk or mixed cotton dress. If the wedding is taking place in winter, try woolen and a few layers of cotton.
  • Going floral- You can pick a monochrome dress but wearing a dress with floral print and design at a vineyard wedding is a great idea. The attire can have large or small flowers, along with leaves and natural designs. The floral design can also extend to accessories like your hats and handbags, for sure.
  • Choosing the right hue- While there is no fixed norm for choosing the color of dress for a vineyard wedding, look for natural and pastel shades. Shades of green, yellow, and white fit in very well with the color palette of a vineyard and winery. Accentuate that dress with brown or maroon stockings and footwear for a naturally contrasting effect! It would be better to avoid wearing dresses with loud designs and fluorescent hues.
  • Using the right accessories- Think of the season of the wedding at a vineyard before picking the accessories. You can pick handbags made up of natural stuff such as jute and bamboo, to gel with the location well. The same thing can be said about the ornaments you wear. You need not ditch traditional gold or pearl-based ornaments altogether. Combine a pearl or gold necklace with other jewelry made of eco-friendly stuff like clay and bamboo, for example. Carry a hat to protect your locks and makeup from the heat.
  • Gathering event information- Before picking the attire and accessories for a vineyard wedding, gather information on the venue and facilities available there. Some vineyards have both open and closed setups for holding weddings and similar ceremonies. If there is a big room for dancing, you can wear suitable footwear. In any case, wear a dress and footwear that lets you move freely in an open and natural setup. You would not like to wear a dress that looks gorgeous but makes you feel clumsy.

 Summing it up

When picking attire and accessories for attending a vineyard wedding, stick to natural themes, hues and motifs. Floral prints and natural hues gel well with such events. Also, gather details about the venue for your convenience.

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