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Wedding Celebration In Ridgefield, Washington Does Not Get Any Better
David and Charlotte Regan  |  April 27, 2023

For most people, a wedding is a landmark event in life and that is why people want to plan and execute weddings in the best possible ways. However, you are not limited to celebrating weddings in conventional ways anymore. Those seeking an unforgettable and peaceful wedding celebration experience can opt for venue wedding. Now, you can opt for a wedding to be held at a beautiful, serene winery and vineyard in Ridgefield, Washington. 14 acres winery offers superb wedding packages for interested lot.

Why opt for a vineyard wedding in Ridgefield?

There are many reasons for choosing a wedding celebration at pretty vineyards in Washington State.

• People, who want their wedding celebration to be devoid of urban chaos and hustle, opt for vineyard wedding packages. The serenity and greenery at 14 acres Vineyards soothe your soul and eyes.
• Apart from the tranquillity, you can enjoy the pollution-free atmosphere in the vineyard setting.
• When you celebrate a wedding at 14 acres Vineyards, you get the chance to savor exquisite wine variants.
• The open and green setting of 14 acres Vineyards ensures there is enough space for everyone and their vehicles. There will not be any prospect of chaos and stress.

Why choose 14 acres for winery wedding venues?

14 Acres Winery offers plenty of options for people in Vancouver and Salmon Creek seeking an amazing vineyard wedding experience. Once you explore its packages and provisions for holding such events, you may not look at other contenders.

• At 14 Acres Winery, you get the assistance of professional staff to plan and execute the ceremony. You can plan every detail of the grand event and they will ensure nothing goes amiss. You can plan rehearsal dinners, receptions and the ceremony itself.
• When you book a winery wedding package at 14 Acres Winery, there is no need to worry about finding vendors for numerous services including food and décor. They are experts in arranging such events and have collaborated with some of the leading wedding vendors.
• You can be assured of plenty of customization options by booking wedding venues at 14 Acres vineyards. Are you particular about hiring a specific catering agency for the wedding? That is possible when you choose 14 Acres. They have apt wedding venues for arranging weddings with varying numbers of delegates.

Pick from carefully designed barn wedding packages

14 Acres Winery offers a number of carefully developed vineyard wedding packages to meet the diverse needs of clients in Ridgefield WA.

The Chardonnay Wedding Package, for example, is for people who prefer celebrating weddings in an open space, amidst greenery and serenity. The Marquette Wedding Package offers a mix of outdoor and indoor event celebrations and can accommodate 300 delegates. There is the Cab Sav Reserve Wedding Package for those who want a special and private wedding celebration experience.

Book in advance for an amazing wedding celebration

It would be wise to book a wedding package with 14 Acres vineyard and Winery in advance to ensure your wedding celebration becomes a truly enticing experience. To resolve your queries, email at events@14acres.com or call (360) 887-2085.

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