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Pick A Beautiful, Serene Wedding Venue Near Vancouver
David and Charlotte Regan  |  May 4, 2023

Like the old saying goes, marriages may be made in heaven but in reality, you have to plan it well! A wedding ceremony involves planning many things perfectly for proper execution. These include picking the apt wedding venue. Like most people, you can rent a wedding venue or use your own house, if it is spacious enough. However, would not it be better to choose a serene, natural setting, away from the urban clutter? If exchanging marital vows amidst the natural setting appeals to you, choosing a rustic wedding venue is prudent. 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery located at Ridgefield, Washington offers wedding packages for people staying in nearby regions.

What you can expect

At 14 Acres Vineyard and Winery, we offer venue booking for weddings and many other events. All over the year, we receive wedding venue bookings from people in areas like Washougal, Vancouver, Salmon Creek, and Brush Prairie etc. When you opt for our wedding packages, you get the following benefits:

• You get a lush, green and serene setup to celebrate the wedding. There will be no pollution, noise of city life at all. While enjoying the gentle breeze of the winery the only prominent sound you will hear is the chirping of birds! The serenity and calmness will soothe your senses. Enjoy the scene and tranquillity while sipping on our exquisite wines.
• We have plenty of space to accommodate hundreds of guests for wedding celebrations. You can explore the various wedding packages to fathom which one suits your needs the best. You can surely invite several hundred guests to weddings held at our venues. Accommodating the guests well will not be a problem. There is ample space for parking vehicles too.
• Not every customer booking wedding venues at the vineyard have similar likings. So, we have kept provisions for both outdoor and indoor events. In any case, you will not have to skimp on the entertainment. Provisions for holding musical programs are there. If you book the wooden barrel house, you get access to the big dance floor. You can also access high-speed wireless internet at the venue, minus hassles.
• The vineyard is away from the chaos of city life, beyond doubt. However, that does not mean people booking the venue for weddings and other events will have to cut down on décor, food and other amenities. On the contrary, we offer a team to assist you in planning the wedding celebration. The team members are experts and they have assisted plenty of clients in adorning the venue and getting the apt food vendors, successfully.

Tell us what you need

You may have certain grand plans for celebrating an upcoming wedding. It could be for someone in the family or your own big event. In any case, we will be happy to assist you. We receive plenty of booking requests for wedding packages from people staying in Washington, including those in areas like Camas, Longview. Call us at 360-8872085 to arrange for a vineyard tour and finalize things.

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