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Using White Wine To Make Dishes Tasty and Flavorful
David and Charlotte Regan  |  February 24, 2024

Cooking with white wine

Did you think white wine is meant for those glitzy parties and high-profile dinners? The truth is the beverage can be used for culinary needs too. White wine may be used as a truly versatile ingredient to enhance the taste and flavor of several appetizers and main course delicacies. However, you need to pick the right white wine variant and use it on suitable dishes for the best outcome. You can use it to cook up lip-smacking pasta and stews that leave people asking for more!

How to pick the right white wine for cooking

There is no fixed formula to pick a white wine for use in culinary purposes. You have to learn the basics and analyze the types of dishes to be cooked. You will not go wrong by picking a white wine that is acidic and dry. So, you can go for variants like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, in general.

Handy tips for cooking with white wine

  • Discard the cooking wines- Resist the temptation of picking up those “cooking wine” variants sold at supermarkets, even if those come with hefty discount tags! These wines are not known for their quality, to begin with. You will often find these variants laden with excess amounts of salt and preservatives as well. Instead, go for a white wine that you will love to drink normally.
  • Add the wine without delay- It makes sense to add white wine to a dish in the early stage of cooking. This gives the wine time to blend well with the ingredients of the dish and enhance the flavor well.
  • Reduce the wine- While it depends on the type of dish you want to cook, it is better if you cook the wine over slow heat and reduce it to a sauce. This works especially well when you prepare rich stews and creamy pasta dishes.
  • Use it to deglaze- When you make meat or vegetables, you often find a layer made of flavourful brown bits at the pan’s bottom. Do not scrape it off but use white wine to create a yummy sauce. Just pour a small amount of wine into the pan and then use a spoon to make a delicious sauce in it. This sauce can then be poured over the dish to boost the flavor.
  • Pick the wine wisely- Some types of white wines go well with specific types of dishes.


  • Pinot Grigio- It is ideal for making light pasta dishes but you can also use it to make healthy salads and grilled veggies.
  • Sauvignon Blanc- This acidic wine is just good for making seafood dishes and light pasta dishes.
  • Riesling- This is a sweet wine type that goes pretty well with spicy dishes. You can try it to make some Thai or Indian dishes, especially spicy stir-fries.
  • Chenin Blanc- This dry wine with its unique honey-like flavor goes well with savoury delicacies. You may use it to cook meat and spicy Asian dishes

 Wrap up

Using white wine to cook delicacies that make your family and guests ask for more is a great idea. However, pick the wine variant wisely and use it in the right way.

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