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A Look at Year End Events at 14 Acres Winery
David and Charlotte Regan  |  December 22, 2023

Throughout December, the pretty and serene 14 Acres Winery and Vineyard, located at Ridgefield, WA bustles with enticing and delightful events, every year. Throughout the last month of the year and around Christmas week, the winery arranges for multiple events that attract hundreds of visitors. These events are targeted at people of all ages, including the kids.

We will have a look at the major events taking place at the 14 Acres Winery in 2022 and 2023:

  • On Dec 17th, 2022 the 14 Acres Winery held Wine & Groove, a musical event which was thronged by the Red Light Romeos. The evening was replete with renditions of hit Rock Classics. It took place at the cozy Barrel House at the winery.
  • On Dec 16th, 2022, music lovers gathered at the 14 Acres Winery Tasting Room to watch a spectacular performance by Nathun Finkhouse. The evening was a delightful one as Nathun performed chart-topping retro hits from the 70’s and 80’s.
  • A special Paint + Sip event was arranged at the 14 Acres Winery on Dec 18th, 2022. The 3-hour event was held in the barrel room of the winery. It proved to be a hit with the visitors. Along with the opportunity to learn a new art, attendees were served a glass of exquisite wine produced at the winery.
  • On Dec 9th, 2023, the 14 Acres Winery is holding a special kid-centric event named Miracle on 244th St. This delightful kids’ extravaganza will be replete with fun and enthralling activities like a heartwarming storytelling session, kids’ choir, ornament decorating, and a Santa Claus visit. Only a few activities are paid and the entry is free.
  • On Dec 2nd, 2023 the 14 Acres Winery held Winter Winery Wonderland Bazaar. This was a haven for people keen on buying stuff from the regional vendors. It was also ideal for wine lovers. This was another event with no entry fee.
  • The 14 Acres Winery is planning to wrap the year with a special event called Elegant Vines & Midnight Chimes. A spectacular New Year’s party, the event takes place on Sunday, Dec 31st, 2023. You will enjoy live music for 2 hours by Hollie Olson. Needless to say, you get to savor exquisite wines and much on tasty snacks.

What is so special about the year-end events?

As it is, the 14 Acres Winery holds a wide range of events throughout the year. However, the year–end events are even more enthralling and they have added attractions. The décor and food on offer are a class apart, to begin with. Besides, you get to attend such events at reduced rates at times or free of cost. To ensure you can take part in the year-end events arranged by the winery, make sure you follow its Instagram and Facebook pages. That way you will be notified of the events in advance.

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