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How to Choose Refreshing Summer Wines
David and Charlotte Regan  |  March 8, 2023

The scorching summer days are ahead and if the early heat wave is anything to go by, the Celsius will rise up further soon! Many of you are already planning summer parties and events to beat the heat in style. Arranging evening or night parties on summer days is a good idea but you have to choose the beverage carefully. How about keeping wine as the party beverage rather than alcoholic drinks with a heavy hangover? The only thing is you need to pick the wine strains carefully.

Handy tips to pick the right wine for summer days

There is no fixed rule for choosing wine for summer months and individual penchant for wine variants is never the same. However, we have listed some handy tips to make your task easier.

  • For serving wine with food– Will it be a summer party where wine will be served alongside starters and main dishes? Then pick a wine strain that goes well with the kind of food served. Rich wine goes well with barbecue and slow-cooked dishes while lighter wines go well with fish dishes. For serving with oily dishes, choose a low-tannin wine like pinot noir.
  • Rose is a winner– RosĂ© wine is getting traction among amateur wine drinkers as well as seasoned wine consumers. You may pick a darker color of rose or a pale one. When you are unsure about the wine preference of guests, rose is the way to go. They go well with most light summer dishes
  • Fruity wine for spicy dishes– You may not want to serve too many spicy dishes at a summer party but one or two tangy starters can be there! Accompany such spicy snacks with a fruity and less acidic wine strain.
  • Sweet wine with desserts– Are you planning to enjoy wine alongside the desserts at a summer party? Then the best option is picking a sweet wine strain. The beverage has to be sweeter than the dessert. A strain like pink prosecco would be good.

Picking between white and red wine

There is a conception that white wines are inherently better suited for summer consumption. It is not entirely untrue but it is not like red wine cannot be used in summer. White wine variants with Citrusy and crisp flavors are ideal for summer events. You cannot go wrong with strains like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Red wines are generally heavier and so you have to pick cautiously for summer consumption. A safe bet is Pinot Noir. Ensure the red wine is served chilled.

What do the wine experts feel?

Wine experts think in summer you should go for lower-alcohol wines having a strong acidic base. Wines with high acidity have a refreshing and crisp taste. White wines are fine as long as you stick to the fruity or mineral strains. The oaked and over-aged are just not suitable.

Similarly, give the highly tannic red wines a miss. Such strains are not exactly refreshing and do not go well with sweltering summer days.

Summing it up

A wine party is ideal to make you feel refreshed on scorching summer days. However, you have to pick the wine strains after analyzing the aspects like guest likings, the timing of the event and delicacies on the menu etc. To get some superb and exquisite wine strains from an amazing vineyard, check out www.14acres.com

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